and this is my twenty square meters

A studio apartment, video camera / mobile phone, the Guest. An internet talk show conducted in a studio apartment proves that nothing is impossible. The guest of the first episode carried out in English is Dynamo.

The talk-show in a new convention is a response to the glitz of interviews ans sessions where problems disappear and the reality becomes smooth and beautiful. The main idea is to show real conversations with real people. That is why guests are invited to a private studio apartment of the area not exceeding 20m2 in Warsaw, Poland, and not to a big studio, and recorded by means of a mobile phone camera - no retouch, make-up or stylists.

Lukasz Jakobiak, the author of 20m2 is a 31-year-old graduate of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science at the Warsaw University. He created this program because TV stations were not interested in hiring him, but also because he believes that nothing is impossible. He wanted to show that one can invite famous people to a studio apartment and talk with them honestly about topics that they are reluctant to speak about.

So far Luke has recorded interviews with stars from his own country, in Polish. Despite the lack of fluency in English, he began to fight for the possibility of hosting world-class stars.

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